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Roger Law speaking at the TYPO Berlin conference in 2014

Roger Law (born 6 September 1941, in Ely) is a caricaturist and one half of Luck and Flaw (with Peter Fluck),[1] creators of the satirical TV puppet show Spitting Image.

Early life[edit]

He went to Littleport Secondary Modern School in Littleport, Cambridgeshire, and attended Cambridge School of Art (now part of Anglia Ruskin University), from which he was expelled in 1960.[citation needed] He met Peter Fluck during his time there.


He was an illustrator and cartoonist for The Observer from 1962–65, then for The Sunday Times from 1965–67 and 1971-75 (where his colleagues included Francis Wyndham and Bruce Chatwin).[2]

After Spitting Image finished in 1996, Law became the artist in residence at the National Art School in Sydney.[3] He subsequently moved to Jingdezhen, China where he makes large porcelain vessels.[4] It was meeting the Australian-Chinese ceramicist Ah Xian, who in turn introduced him to the pottery workshops of Jingdezhen, that led Law to embark on a new artistic career. A film by Catherine Hunter – described by one critic as "a cautionary tale of fame and the possibilities of new beginnings"[5] – follows Law as he prepares work for an exhibition of ceramics at London's revered Victoria and Albert Museum.[6] A feature documentary by Michael Coulson, called Still Spitting was being produced in 2013 – as of 2016 it remains unreleased. The film tells the story of how Law's life as a caricaturist was dramatically changed by the demands of the Spitting Image TV show, reveals what happened to him after the show finished in 1996 and follows him as he strives to achieve his dream of making a "big pot" in China.

Personal life[edit]

He married Deidre Amsden (a quilt designer) in 1960 in Cambridge. They have a son (born 1962) and daughter (born 1965).


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