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Roger Miret

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Roger Miret
Miret with Agnostic Front in 2016
Miret with Agnostic Front in 2016
Background information
Birth nameRogelio de Jesus Miret
Also known asRoger Psycho[1]
Born (1964-06-30) June 30, 1964 (age 59)
Havana, Cuba
OriginNew York, U.S.
  • Singer
  • musician
  • songwriter
  • Vocals
  • guitar
  • bass (early)
Years active1982–present
Member of
Formerly of

Rogelio de Jesus Miret (born June 30, 1964)[2][3] is a Cuban American musician. He is the vocalist for New York hardcore band Agnostic Front, street punk group Roger Miret and the Disasters, and hardcore band The Alligators.

Agnostic Front are considered to be "the godfathers of hardcore" and one of the bands that created the New York scene.[4]

Personal life[edit]

Miret was born in Havana, Cuba.[2] He is the older half-brother of Madball frontman Freddy Cricien. The two have the same mother, who is of Cuban descent, and different fathers, hence the different last names.[5] Miret and his family fled Cuba to escape the Castro regime.[6] They came to the United States in 1968 and settled in New York.[2]

Miret was incarcerated on a drug charge in the late 1980s, spending almost two years in jail.[7] In a 2011 interview, he stated that he became involved in it because he was living in poverty, squatting buildings, and his then-partner was pregnant.[8] After being released, he started supporting PETA campaigns, as well as other non-profit organizations, and followed a vegetarian diet for many years.[8][9]

In 2008, he said he no longer smoked or used drugs, except for an occasional drink.[10]

In September 2021, Miret revealed that he was diagnosed with cancer earlier in that year. However, after a lengthy hospital stay and surgery, the cancer is now in remission. A GoFundMe page was launched to help Miret pay for his medical bills.[11]

Other projects[edit]

In 2012, Onno Cro-Mag (real name: Onno van Ravensteijn; d. 2013)[12] from Aardschok magazine of the Netherlands and Miret started the hardcore music record label Strength Records.[13]

With Jon Wiederhorn, Miret released My Riot: Agnostic Front, Grit, Guts & Glory in August 2017. The autobiography chronicles Miret's career as the vocalist of Agnostic Front as well as his upbringing; it focuses on Miret's trials and tribulations growing up in 1980s New York City.[14]

Prior to joining Agnostic Front, Miret played bass for The Psychos, who claimed in a 1984 interview that Miret was replaced due to the fact that Miret became "more devoted" to Agnostic Front and therefore "couldn't make rehearsals and so forth."[15]



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