Roger Niger

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Roger Niger
Bishop of London
Elected 1228
Term ended 29 September 1241
Predecessor Eustace of Fauconberg
Successor Fulk Basset
Other posts Archdeacon of Colchester
Consecration 10 June 1229
Personal details
Born c. 1173
probably Maldon, Essex
Died 29 September 1241
Denomination Catholic

Roger Niger (died 1241) was a thirteenth-century cleric who became Bishop of London. He is also known as Saint Roger of Beeleigh.


A plan of Beeleigh Abbey showing the location of the shrine that housed Saint Roger's heart

In 1192 Niger was named a canon of St Paul's Cathedral, London, and he held the prebend of Ealdland in the diocese of London. In 1218 he was promoted to Archdeacon of Colchester.[1] He was elected Bishop of London in 1228, and was consecrated bishop on 10 June 1229.[2][3]

Niger died on 29 September 1241[2] or on 2 October 1241[3] and during his burial in St Paul's Cathedral, there was an eclipse of the sun. His heart was taken to Beeleigh Abbey near Maldon in Essex. Both sites became places of pilgrimage and he was referred to as a saint, although no formal canonisation has been located. He was however called a saint by at least one Pope. In 1391, Pope Boniface IX granted relaxation to penitents visiting and giving alms to Beeleigh Abbey on the anniversary of his death.[4]



Further reading[edit]

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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Eustace of Fauconberg
Bishop of London
Succeeded by
Fulk Basset