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Roger Redgate (born 1958) is a British composer, conductor and improvisor.

He was born in Bolton, Lancashire. He graduated at the Royal College of Music, where he won prizes for composition, violin performance, harmony and counterpoint. A DAAD scholarship enabled him to study with Brian Ferneyhough and Klaus Huber in Freiburg. From 1984 and 1994 he was a member of the Composers Forum at the Darmstadt summer school, where he received the Kranichsteiner Musikpreis for composition in 1988. From 1989 to 1992 he was Northern Arts Fellow in Composition at the universities of Durham and Newcastle (Fox 2001).

He is conductor and artistic director of Ensemble Exposé, which he founded in 1984 together with Richard Barrett (Fox 2001), and with which he performs regularly at European festivals and on BBC Radio 3 and has released recordings, including a CD of the chamber music by Brian Ferneyhough (Anon. n.d.)

He has worked in the fields of jazz, improvised music, film and television (including programmes for the BBC and Channel 4), and performance art. His compositions have been performed extensively throughout Europe, Australia and the United States and he has received commissions from the BBC, Biennale, and Ensemble 21 New York.[citation needed] He has published articles on music and culture, the music of Brian Ferneyhough and Michael Finnissy, including a chapter in the book Uncommon Ground: The Music of Michael Finnissy.[full citation needed]

CD recordings of his works are available on the NMC and Edition Zeitklang labels and further recordings are in preparation due for release on the Metier and NMC labels.[when?] His compositions are published by Éditions Henry Lemoine, Paris, United Music Publishers, London and the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.

Since 1997 Roger Redgate has been a lecturer in Goldsmiths College, University of London (Fox 2001).


  • Celan Songs* soprano/ens 8' Commissioned by the New Music Players
  • Eos* clt/pno 10' Commissioned by Roger Heaton and Susan Bradshaw
  • Eperons* ob/perc 7' Commissioned by Christopher Redgate
  • Inventio solo sax/ens 12' Commissioned by The Darmstädter Ferienkurse für Neue Musik
  • String Quartet No 1* 10' For the Arditti String Quartet
  • Study for a Triptych cello/piano 8’
  • String Quartet No 2* 12' Commissioned by the Venice Biennale for the Arditti String Quartet
  • …of torn pathways* vln/ 2 perc 6' Commissioned by The New MacNaughten Concerts
  • mirlitonnades † sop/piano 1' Commissioned by Alison Smart and Katherine Durran
  • Oboe Quintet† Commissioned by the BBC
  • Pierrot on the Stage of Desire* ens 8' Commissioned by Ensemble 21 New York
  • Vers-Glas* 14 amplified voices 8' Commissioned by Fondation Royaumont/French Ministry of Culture
  • Ausgangspunkte* solo oboe 12' Commissioned by Christopher Redgate
  • Atemkristall† solo amplified quarter-tone flute 4' Commissioned by Ann La Berge
  • Beuys* piano 2' Commissioned by Iyvar Mikashoff
  • Eidos* piano 1'30 Commissioned by Michael Finnissy
  • Genoi Hoios Essi* piano 7' Commissioned by The GLA for Barry Douglas
  • Graffiti* soprano sax 8' Commissioned by Stephen Cottrell
  • Pas au-dela* piano 6' Commissioned by James Clapperton
  • +R* clarinet 10' Commissioned by Roger Heaton
  • Feu la cendre* cello 10' Commissioned by Julia Ryder
  • ruins true refuge† bass 5' Commissioned by Corrado Canonici
  • trace** piano 1' Commissioned by Thalia Myers
  • arc** piano 30" Commissioned by Thalia Myers
  • écart** piano 30" Commissioned by Thalia Myers

• Published by Editions Henry Lemoine, Paris † Published by United Music Publishers, London **Published by the ABRSM

Music for films[edit]

  • IGLOO, Sound on Film series. First Screening: The Scientific Society Lecture Theatre, London 1999.
  • SLEEP, director Ian Cottage. Commissioned by the British Film Institute and Channel 4. First Screening: Channel 4, 1988
  • Informer, director Ian Cottage. Commissioned by Channel 4 in association with Common Features. First Screening: Channel 4, 1998
  • moments and contacts, director Lars Reimer. Featuring Roger Redgate as composer and conductor. First Screening: Hamburg, 1997
  • Mangetout, director Ian Cottage. Commissioned by the BBC for the 10 x 10 series. First Screening: London International Film Festival.
  • Blue Scars, director Ian Cottage. Commissioned by the South Bank International Poetry Festival. First Screening: Purcell Room, The Southbank Centre, 1995.
  • Small Gestures, director Ian Cottage. Music for an experimental documentary. First Screening: London International Film Festival, 1994.

Sound installation[edit]

The Sunlight Cube playground, Gloucester Primary School, Peckham. In collaboration with artist Shirazeh Houshiary and architect Pip Horne


  • Ausgangspunkte recorded by Christoper Redgate on Oboe+: Berio and Beyond.(Oboe Classics 2015)
  • Complete piano music (Pas au-delà, Genoi Hoios Essi, Eidos, Monk, Beuys trace-arc-écart) recorded by Nicolas Hodges (Coviello Contemporary COV 60809?
  • Concerto for improvising soloist and 2 ensembles, recorded by Christopher Redgate/Ensemble Exposé, directed by Roger Redgate. two versions on the CD. (Metier msv 77204)
  • Feu la cendre, recorded by Frankin Cox, on The New Cello Vol 2 (Centaur CRC 3390)
  • Single Combat, Improvised colaboration with Matt Wright (turntable/electronics) (Migro Records)
  • Graffiti recorded by Rico Gubler, (Musiques Suisses)
  • Black Icons"",recorded by Alexander Ivashkin and the Studio for New Music, Moscow (CD Alma 5032)
  • ruins true refuge, Recorded by Corrado Canonici on A Roaring Flame (NMC D079)
  • +R, Recorded by Andrew Sparling on NMC D092
  • +R recorded by Rolf Borch on Step Inside (Aurora ACD 5046)
  • trace, Recorded by Thalia Myers on Spectrum NMC Recordings (NMC 0051)
  • arc, recorded by Thalia Myers (piano) on Spectrum NMC Recordings (NMC 0057)
  • Eperons, recorded by Peter Veale and Olaf Tzschoppe (Trio Surplus), Edition Zeitklang, Germany.
  • Mirlitonnades (Doggerel verses) recorded by Alison Smart and Katharine Durran (voice, piano) on"New French Song (Metier 92100)
  • Residua, recorded by Jane Chapman (harpsichord) on "Wired: Works for Harpsichord and Electronics" (NMC 0145)
  • Oboe Quintet and Éperons, recorded by Christopher Redgate and the Kreutzer String Quartet, on "Greatest Hits of All Time" (Metier 28513)


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