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Roger Roger (5 August 1911 – 12 June 1995) was a French film composer and bandleader.[1] His aliases included Eric Swan and Cecil Leuter, the last being a pseudonym he used for his electronic productions. He was one of the first, with Pierre Henry and Jean-Jacques Perrey, to experiment with the Moog synthesizer; his Pop Electronique album was released in 1969,[2] five years after Bob Moog put his electronic device on the market.

Roger died in Paris in 1995. Since his death, renewed interest in light music has seen several CD albums released, both in dedicated albums and in compilations, including music used under the test card by the BBC in the 1970s.

He is listed as the composer for two episodes of the Flash Gordon (1954) television series, and for the series' incidental music.[3][4]

Farmer Alfalfa[edit]

His piece "Komic Kapers" was used in the 1950s by the Commonwealth cartoon distribution company. They put it as the opening music when adding sound to many of Paul Terry's silent Farmer Alfalfa cartoons from the 1920s (also known as Farmer Grey). Although never chosen by Terry, Rogers's piece was indelibly imprinted on a whole generation of children as the signature tune for these strange, eerie, frantic cartoons.


Major records

Catalog Nr. Artists Track listing
5217 Roger Roger A – 1. Dramatic Appasionata, 2. Dramatic Appasionata; B – Morning Breezes
5218 Roger Roger A – The Fascinating Valse; B – 1. Peasant Dance, 2. Cavern Mysterioso
5219 Roger Roger A – Dawn's Awakening; B – 1. Ballerina Petite, 2. Fanfare
5220 Roger Roger A – The Coyote Serenade; B – Metropolitan Rhapsody
5222 Roger Roger A – 1. The Queen's Processional, 2. The Clown's Frolic; B – 1. Devilish Menace, 2. Dismal Mists; 3. Caribbean Winds, 4. Rhythm of Doom
5224 Roger Roger A – 1. Adoration of Love, 2. Komic Kapers, 3. Dramatic Finale, 4. Uplift Finale, 5. Steps of Mystery; B – Our Industrial World
5225 Roger Roger A – 1. Love Triumphant, 2. Tipsy Mockingbird; B – 1. Deserted City, 2. Rue de la Paix, 3. The Cafe Musette Waltz
5231 Roger Roger A – Hope's Awakening; B – Tread of Doom
5266 Geo. S. Chase/Roger Roger A – Valse Charmante (Geo S. Chase); B – Ivory Coast (Roger Roger)
5267 Roger Roger A – Damascus; B – Rendezvous, Romantic Interlude, Reverie
5270 Geo. S. Chase/Roger Roger A – Fujiyama (Geo S. Chase); B – Himalaya/Chopsticks/Everest (Roger Roger)
5272 Geo. S. Chase/Roger Roger A – A Coin in the Fountain (Geo S. Chase); B – Fun on Ice (Roger Roger)


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