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Roger Sanger is an American game designer and the owner of Digest Group Publications, a small publishing firm focused on the role-playing game market and specifically on the game Traveller.


Roger Sanger, a fan of Traveller, came to Joe Fugate's door one morning late in 1994, looking to buy books from Fugate's company Digest Group Publications; Sanger bought some of the remaining backstock at that time, as Fugate was still paying back creditors and holding onto the boxes of remaining DGP items that he owned.[1] Over the next nine months Sanger came to an agreement whereby he paid Fugate a few thousand dollars for the remaining assets of DGP, including copyrights and trademarks; Fugate would keep the larger debts, but Sanger would take care of the smaller debts.[1] Fugate agreed to this arrangement, and Sanger became owner of DGP.[1] Initially Sanger wanted to republish DGP material and support the fourth edition of Traveller (1996), published by Imperial Games, but Sanger was unable to come up with an agreement with Marc Miller.[1]


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