Roger Vadim

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Roger Vadim
Roger Vadim - still.jpg
Roger Vadim in 1971
Born Roger Vladimir Plemiannikov
(1928-01-26)26 January 1928
Paris, France
Died 11 February 2000(2000-02-11) (aged 72)
Paris, France
Occupation Film director, screenwriter, producer
Years active 1950–1997
Spouse(s) Brigitte Bardot (1952–57)
Annette Stroyberg (1958–60)
Jane Fonda (1965–73)
Catherine Schneider (1975–77)
Marie-Christine Barrault (1990–2000)
Partner(s) Catherine Deneuve (1961–63)
Ann Biderman (1980–86)
Children 4

Roger Vadim (26 January 1928 – 11 February 2000) was a French screenwriter, film director/and producer, as well as an author and occasional actor.[1]

Life and career[edit]

Vadim was born as Roger Vladimir Plemiannikov[2] in Paris. His father, Igor Nikolaevich Plemiannikov (И́горь Никола́евич Племя́нников), a White Russian military officer and pianist, had emigrated from Ukraine and became a naturalized French citizen, and was a vice consul of France to Egypt, stationed in Alexandria. His mother, Marie-Antoinette (née Ardilouze), was a French actress.[3][4] Although Vadim lived in luxury in his early youth, the death of his father, when Vadim was nine years old, caused the family to return to France, where his mother found work running a hostel in the French Alps, which was functioning as a way-station for Jews and other fugitives fleeing Nazism.[4]

Vadim studied journalism and writing at the University of Paris, without graduating.[4] At age 19, he became assistant to film director Marc Allégret, whom he met while working at the Theatre Sarah Bernhardt, and for whom he worked on several screenplays.

In addition to Vadim's theatre and film work, he also wrote several books, including an autobiography, D'une étoile à l'autre (From One Star to the Next).

Personal life[edit]

Vadim was married five times:

Outside his marriages, Vadim also had romances with actress Catherine Deneuve (by whom he had a son, Christian),[6] screenwriter Ann Biderman,[7] and actress Cindy Pickett.[8]

Vadim's eldest child Nathalie told biographer Patricia Bosworth: "Jane was the love of my father's life."[9]


Vadim died of cancer at age 72 on 11 February 2000. He was survived by his widow, Marie-Christine Barrault, and his four children (Nathalie, Vanessa, Christian and Vania). Ex-wives Bardot, Fonda, Schneider and Stroyberg were all in attendance at his funeral.[10] He is interred at St. Tropez Cemetery.






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