Carlos Vallerte

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Carlos Vallerte
Power Rangers - Carlos Vallerte.jpg
Series Power Rangers Turbo
Power Rangers In Space
Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
Title(s) Green Turbo Ranger
Black Space Ranger
Color(s)      Green (Turbo)
     Black (Space)
First appearance A Drive to Win (Power Rangers Turbo)
Last appearance The Power of Pink (Power Rangers Lost Galaxy)
Homeworld Earth
Zords Desert Thunder Turbozord
Thunder Loader Rescuezord
Astro Megazord
Delta Megazord
Astro Delta Megazord
Mega V2 (Shuttle Voyager)
Portrayed by Roger Velasco

Carlos Vallerte, portrayed by Roger Velasco, is a fictional character in the Power Rangers universe, first appearing in the television series Power Rangers Turbo. Carlos's personality changed drastically within the change of seasons. In Turbo, he was an arrogant loudmouth, but during In Space, he became very introverted, responsible, and mature.

Character history[edit]

In Power Rangers Turbo[edit]

He was chosen by Adam Park to become the new Green Turbo Ranger because of his assistance to Adam when the latter was trying to bring a group of Angel Grove citizens to safety during Power Rangers Turbo, taking over control of the Green Ranger Powers, Desert Thunder Turbozord and later gaining access to the Thunder Loader Rescuezord. He was originally suggested to share a love interest with Ashley Hammond, the new Yellow Ranger, but that idea finally was rejected, and they only remained as friends.

When the Power Chamber was destroyed by Divatox and the defeated Turbo Rangers received word that the planet Eltar, home to their original mentor Zordon, had fallen to evil forces, Carlos and the other three new Turbo Rangers - T.J., Ashley, and Cassie - left Earth for outer space in a NASADA space shuttle, powerless but ready to fight to save Zordon.

In Power Rangers in Space[edit]

Carlos Vallerte as the Black Space Ranger

Carlos and the other Rangers then met Andros, the Red Space Ranger, on the Astro Megaship, and he was given new powers as the Black Space Ranger, who later commanded the Mega V-2 (Shuttle) Zord. On one mission, Carlos accidentally hurt Cassie in a crossfire. This affected him deeply that he considered quitting as a Ranger. Adam, whom he replaced, came and offered certain guidance to Carlos, such as learning to rely on his instincts than his vision when fighting. Carlos regained his confidence and continued to be a stronger Ranger.

In Power Rangers Lost Galaxy[edit]

Carlos appeared in "To the Tenth Power" to team up with the Galaxy Rangers to fight the Psycho Rangers revived by Trakeena. He fought alongside Green Ranger Damon Henderson. He made a last appearance in "The Power of Pink" to fight the Sting Wingers with the Galaxy Rangers.