Rogers Corporation

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Rogers Corporation
Traded as NYSEROG
S&P 600 Component
Industry Specialty Polymers, Electronics
Founded 1832
Headquarters Rogers, Connecticut, USA
Key people
Bruce D. Hoechner, President and CEO
Janice Stipp, CFO
Robert C. Daigle, SVP and CTO
John J. Krawczynski, Corporate Controller
Ram Mayampurath, Corporate Treasurer
Products Advanced Connectivity Solutions, Elastomeric Material Solutions, Power Electronics Solutions
Revenue Increase$641.44 Million USD (2015)
Decrease$46.3 Million USD (2015)

Rogers Corporation is an American specialty materials company with headquarters located in Rogers, Connecticut. Recently, the company announced plans to move the corporate headquarters from Connecticut to Arizona in 2017-2018 to facilitate greater access to business and technology centers on the west coast.[1]

In 1832, Peter Rogers founded the company, which started out as a materials manufacturer for the textile industry. Rogers is known as one of the oldest public companies in America, and has a great standing of innovation and collaborative problem solving with its customers. Originally a paperboard manufacturing company, Rogers has formed into a major global materials technology leader, creating a variety of high-technology devices and systems. Rogers, as of 2014, has 2,800 full-time employees both in the U.S. and around the world in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, China, Germany and Belgium.
Rogers Corporation has three core business segments, Advanced Connectivity Solutions,[2] Elastomeric Material Solutions[3] and Power Electronics Solutions.

Rogers continues to focus its research, development, and engineering investments on megatrends, a large, long-lasting, global shift in thinking or an approach that affects countries, industries and organizations, which drives global demand for a cleaner, safer, and more connected world. The company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in April, 2000.

Corporate Governmenance[edit]

Bruce D. Hoechner, President and Chief Executive Officer
Janice Stipp, Chief Financial Officer[4]
Robert C. Daigle, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
John J. Krawczynski, Chief Accounting Officer and Corporate Controller

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