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Rogers Sugar Inc.
FormerlyRogers Sugar Income Fund
IndustrySugar, Sweeteners, Maple Syrup, Maple Sugar/Flakes, Maple Treats
Headquarters123 Rogers Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6B 3N2
Key people
Dallas Ross, Chairman
John Holliday, CEO
Mike Walton, COO
Jean-Sébastien Couillard, CFO
Number of employees
DivisionsLantic Sugar, Rogers Sugar, The Maple Treat Corp.
SubsidiariesLantic Inc.
Rogers Sugar refinery in Vancouver
A bag of Rogers Sugar

Rogers Sugar Inc. is the Canadian holding company of Lantic Inc., which was established in June 2008 after the merger of Lantic Sugar Limited (operating in Eastern Canada) and Rogers Sugar Ltd. (operating in Western Canada). It is the largest refined sugar distributor in Canada.[1] Established as Rogers Sugar Income Fund in October 1997, the income trust was converted to a regular corporation named Rogers Sugar Inc. in January 2011.[2]


The merged entity of today initially began as separate companies on both the east coast and west coast of Canada. The original Rogers Sugar company was established in Vancouver as the British Columbia Sugar Refining Company in 1890 by its American-born founder, Benjamin Tingley Rogers (1865–1918),[3] whose father was president of E.J. Gay’s Sugar of New Orleans.

Atlantic Sugar Refineries was established in 1912 from the merger of three sugar refineries, including Acadia Sugar Refining Co. (established 1893 in Halifax),[4][5] and later renamed as Lantic Sugar Limited. The company was owned from 1981 to 1990 by Steinberg's. In 1984, Lantic Sugar acquired St. Lawrence Sugar, which had been established in 1888 in Montreal.[5] Lantic Inc. was created from the merger of Rogers Sugar and Lantic Sugar on June 30, 2008. It is best known to be one of the film location of the 2001 movie Cats & Dogs


Lantic Sugar plant in Montreal

The combined company operates the following facilities:[6]

  • Montreal cane refinery: Located in Montreal, the refinery was originally built in 1888 by St. Lawrence Sugar. A major upgrade was completed in December 2000, upgrading normal capacity to 440,000 tonnes (970,000,000 lb); this permitted the Saint John plant to close in July 2000.
  • Vancouver cane refinery: Located in the Port of Vancouver, the Vancouver facility primarily processes imported sugar cane into sugar products.
  • Taber sugar beet factory: Located in Taber, Alberta, this plant processes sugar beet into sugar products. The plant contracts with nearly 400 farmers each year to plant and grow sugar beets.
  • Toronto Distribution Centre: Located in New Toronto at 198 New Toronto Street, this warehouse receives processed sugar by rail and distributes it for the Ontario region. The warehouse also stores liquid sugar in tanks and is a liquid sucrose melt facility.
  • Toronto Blending operation: Located in Scarborough at 230 Midwest Road, this 65,000 square feet (6,000 m2) facility is used for bulk dry blending services.


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