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Rogers Vacuum Tube Company (formally named Radio Manufacturing Corporation Limited) was founded as "Standard Radio Manufacturing" in 1925 by Edward S. Rogers, Sr. to sell Rogers "Batteryless" radio using vacuum tube technology. It was later renamed Rogers Majestic Corporation Limited when Rogers merged his company with Majestic Corporation of Chicago in 1928. The new company controlled Rogers Radio Tube Company and Rogers Batteryless Radio Company. Joseph Elsworth Rogers, brother of Ted Rogers Sr. was an important member of the company and served as Vice-President until 1939 and then as head from 1939 to 1960.

The company founded Toronto radio station CFRB (Canada's First Rogers' Batteryless) in order to promote its invention of a batteryless radio receiver as well as demonstrate his invention of a radio transmitter using batteryless alternating current tubes making CFRB the first all-electric radio station in the world.[1] Rogers Sr. died in 1939 and the company was sold in 1941 to Small Electric Motors Ltd., (which soon became the Canadian division of Dutch giant Royal Philips Electronics) which changed the name of the Rogers Majestic Corporation Limited to Standard Radio Ltd..[2].[1]

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