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The Rogers Writers' Trust Fiction Prize is a Canadian literary award presented by Rogers Communications and the Writers' Trust of Canada after an annual juried competition of works submitted by publishers.[1] Alongside the Governor General's Award for English-language fiction and the Giller Prize, it is considered one of the three main awards for Canadian fiction in English.[2]

First presented in 1997, the prize goes to the author of the novel or short story collection judged to be the year's best work of fiction. The prize awards $25,000 to the winning book and $3,500 to each of the finalists.[3]

Nominees and recipients[edit]

Year Winner Nominated
Jury: Matt Cohen, Elisabeth Harvor, Ann Ireland
Blue ribbon Austin Clarke, The Origin of Waves
Jury: Joan Clark, Austin Clarke, Trevor Ferguson
Blue ribbon Greg Hollingshead, The Healer
Jury: Lynn Coady, Sylvia Fraser, Eric Wright
Blue ribbon Peter Oliva, The City of Yes
Jury: Cynthia Holz, Janice Kulyk Keefer, Peter Oliva
Blue ribbon Helen Humphreys, Afterimage
Jury: Lesley Choyce, Eliza Clark, Olive Senior
Blue ribbon Margaret Sweatman, When Alice Lay Down with Peter
Jury: Joan Barfoot, Brian Brett, Sarah Sheard
Blue ribbon Paulette Jiles, Enemy Women
Jury: Kevin Chong, Lisa Moore, Diane Schoemperlen
Blue ribbon Kevin Patterson, Country of Cold
Jury: Sylvia Fraser, Zsuzsi Gartner, Michael Redhill
Blue ribbon Alice Munro, Runaway
Jury: Anita Rau Badami, Lewis DeSoto, Mary Swan
Blue ribbon Joseph Boyden, Three Day Road
Jury: Karen Connelly, Jeffrey Moore, Anna Porter
Blue ribbon Kenneth J. Harvey, Inside
Jury: Kevin Major, Kim Moritsugu, Madeleine Thien
Blue ribbon Lawrence Hill, The Book of Negroes
Jury: Lawrence Hill, Annabel Lyon, Heather O'Neill
Blue ribbon Miriam Toews, The Flying Troutmans
Jury: Marina Endicott, Miriam Toews, R.M. Vaughan
Blue ribbon Annabel Lyon, The Golden Mean
Jury: Andrew Pyper, Eden Robinson, Lisa Moore.[4]
Blue ribbon Emma Donoghue, Room
Jury: Emma Donoghue, Rabindranath Maharaj, Margaret Sweatman
Blue ribbon Patrick deWitt, The Sisters Brothers[5]
Jury: Esi Edugyan, Lynn Coady, Drew Hayden Taylor
Blue ribbon Tamas Dobozy, Siege 13[6]
Jury: Caroline Adderson, Alison Pick, Miguel Syjuco
Blue ribbon Colin McAdam, A Beautiful Truth
Jury: Neil Bissoondath, George Murray, Helen Humphreys
Blue ribbon Miriam Toews, All My Puny Sorrows[7]
Jury: Aislinn Hunter, Shani Mootoo, Richard Wagamese
Blue ribbon André Alexis, Fifteen Dogs[9]
Jury: Lauren B. Davis, Trevor Ferguson, Pasha Malla
Blue ribbon Yasuko Thanh, Mysterious Fragrance of the Yellow Mountains[10]
Jury: Michael Christie, Christy Ann Conlin, Tracey Lindberg
Blue ribbon David Chariandy, Brother[11]
Jury: Ann Y. K. Choi, Mireille Silcoff, Robert Wiersema
Blue ribbon Kathy Page, Dear Evelyn[13]


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