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Rogaland Fixed Link
Oversiktstegning Rogfast mai 2017.pdf
LocationRogaland, Norway
Coordinates59°04′26″N 5°27′19″E / 59.07389°N 5.45528°E / 59.07389; 5.45528Coordinates: 59°04′26″N 5°27′19″E / 59.07389°N 5.45528°E / 59.07389; 5.45528
StatusUnder construction
Route E39
Work begun4 January 2018
Opens2026 (planned)
OperatorStatens vegvesen
Length27 kilometres (17 mi)
Lowest elevation−392 metres (−1,286 ft)

Rogaland Fixed Link or simply the Rogfast is a sub-sea road tunnel under construction between the municipalities of Randaberg (near the city of Stavanger) and Bokn in Rogaland county, Norway. The project will be a world record with respect to its 27-kilometre (17 mi) length and its maximum depth of 392 metres (1,286 ft) below sea level. This will be a part of the main European route E39 highway along the west coast of Norway and it will link the cities of KristiansandStavangerHaugesundBergen.[1]

The tunnel is planned as a 27-kilometre (17 mi) long roadway which will run below the Boknafjorden and Kvitsøyfjorden. A spur connection to the island municipality of Kvitsøy will also be added. As of August 2018, the cost of the project is calculated to be 16.8 billion kr (about €1.73 billion).[2] Construction on the tunnel began on 4 January 2018, after being approved by the Norwegian Parliament in May 2017, and it is planned to be finished in 2025–26.[3]


The name Rogfast is an abbreviation for the Norwegian name Rogaland fastforbindelse which is translated to English as the "Rogaland fixed link".


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