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Joint Stock Company
IndustryAircraft Manufacturing
FateNationalised and merged with Ikarus in 1946
HeadquartersKnez Danilova 25, Belgrade, Yugoslavia
Key people
Živojin Rogožarski
Productsfighters, bombers, trainers, gliders, flying boats

Rogožarski (Serbian Cyrillic: Рогожарски) was a Yugoslav aircraft manufacturer. Officially established on 22 April 1924 under the name of Prva Srpska Fabrika Aeroplana Živojin Rogožarski (English: First Serbian Aircraft Factory of Živojin Rogožarski), the factory was responsible along with Ikarus for most of Yugoslavia's air industry between the world wars. Initially, the factory repaired aircraft confiscated in the First World War, and soon started to manufacture local aircraft, and licensed manufacture as well. Nationalised in 1946, the factory was merged along with Zmaj into Ikarus which continued in the aeronautical industry until 1962. The factory Rogožarski has made a total of 286 aircraft.[1]

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