Rogulyat Island

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Rogulyat Island
Rogulyat Island is located in Antarctic Peninsula
Rogulyat Island
Rogulyat Island
Location Antarctica
Coordinates 63°48′47″S 60°48′38″W / 63.81306°S 60.81056°W / -63.81306; -60.81056Coordinates: 63°48′47″S 60°48′38″W / 63.81306°S 60.81056°W / -63.81306; -60.81056
Archipelago Palmer Archipelago
Length .35 km (0.217 mi)
Width .16 km (0.099 mi)
Administered under the Antarctic Treaty System
Population 0

Rogulyat Island (error: {{lang-xx}}: text has italic markup (help), ‘Ostrov Rogulyat’ \'os-trov ro-gu-'lyat\) is the southernmost in the group of three rocky islands in Krivina Bay on the west coast of Trinity Island in the Palmer Archipelago, Antarctica. The island is 350 m long in east-west direction and 160 m wide.

The island is named after the settlement of Rogulyat in Northern Bulgaria.


Rogulyat Island is located at 63°48′47″S 60°48′38″W / 63.81306°S 60.81056°W / -63.81306; -60.81056, 2.5 km south of Lyon Peak and 2.1 km northeast of Romero Point, and is separated from Dink Island to the northeast by an 180 m wide passage. British mapping in 1978.


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This article includes information from the Antarctic Place-names Commission of Bulgaria which is used with permission.