Rogvolod Vseslavich

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Rogvolod-Boris Vseslavich
Prince of Drutsk
Monument to Prince Boris Vseslavich in front of an Orthodox church in Barysaw.
Reign 1101–1128
Successor Rogvolod-Vasiliy
Died 1128
Spouse ?
Issue Rogvolod-Vasiliy
Full name
Rogvolod-Boris Vseslavich
House Rurik Dynasty
Father Vseslav Briachislavich
Mother ?

Rogvolod Vseslavich, baptismal name Boris,[1] was the Prince of Drutsk and Polotsk. He was the son of Vseslav of Polotsk, Grand Prince of Rus. Rogvolod probably was named in honor of his ancestor Rogvolod.

Miniature from the Radziwiłł Chronicle: Rogvolod-Boris rides to rule in Polotsk

Some historians, including Mikhail Pogodin, believe that Rogvolod-Boris are two different princes. It is also not clear whether or not Rogvolod was the older brother of Davyd and Gleb. However, if he was given the Principality of Drutsk it, probably, corresponds to the line of succession which presumably made him second in that line.

It also possible that he was the Prince of Polotsk right after his father's death, but that account is rebutted by another fact which is supported by some Slavic chronicles that call Davyd Vseslavich as the leader of the Polotsk armed forces and possibly the main successor of the Polotsk throne.[original research?] According to Vasily Tatishchev, Rogvolod has found the city of Barysaw in 1102,[2] hence are the main speculation him being also called Boris. In 1106 he possibly participated in the united campaign of Polotsk Principality against the Semigallians, which ended in defeat. Sometime in 1120 Rogvolod founded a princely residence near Polotsk in Belchitsy.


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Rogvolod-Boris Vseslavich
Born:  ? Died: 1128
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Prince of Drutsk
Succeeded by
Titles in pretence
Preceded by
Sviatopolk II
Grand Prince of Kiev
Succeeded by
Davyd Vseslavich
Preceded by
Sviatopolk II
2nd in line to Grand Prince of Kiev
Succeeded by
Gleb Vseslavich