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Rohachyn (Ukrainian: Рогачин, Polish Rohaczyn, Russian Rogachin) is a village (of 886 people) in Berezhany Raion (district) of Ternopil Oblast (province) in western Ukraine (the historic region of Eastern Galicia). The first historical mention dates to 1578, when Rohachyn mentioned as property of B. Narajowski.

Rohachyn lies in the valley of Narayivka river on its way between Narayiv and Kuryany. The village is situated ab. 11 km from the city of Berezhany (district center) and 7 km from Narayiv. The closest railway station is in Pidvysoke, 9 km. away.

There is a glass factory producing primarily glass bottles. The glass has been produced here during the last 200 years. There are also sand mines near Rohachyn, the sand being the material for glass manufacture. The village is located opposite to another village, Volytsya (popularly known as Vulka). The name Rohachyn come from the word "Rohach" (several meanings), ultimately from "Roh" - horn. There are 2 churches: Church of St. George (1956) and the Church of the Most Holy Theotokos, Queen of Ukraine (1934, renovated in 1995).

Postal code is 47520.


  • 886 inhabitants (2001)

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Coordinates: 49°28′N 24°47′E / 49.467°N 24.783°E / 49.467; 24.783