Rohese of Monmouth

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Rohese of Monmouth
Born about 1135/1140
Died in or near 1180
Other names Rohese de Monemue
Known for Patronage of Monmouth Priory
Spouse(s) Hugh de Lacy, Lord of Meath
Relatives Gilbert fitzBaderon (brother)

Rohese of Monmouth (Rohese de Monemue in Anglo-Norman; born about 1135/1140; died in or near 1180) was the daughter of Baderon fitzWilliam, lord of Monmouth, and of his wife Rohese de Clare. About the year 1155 Rohese married Hugh de Lacy, Lord of Meath. They had eight children

  • Walter, born about 1172, who succeeded his father as Lord of Meath
  • Hugh, born about 1176, who was created 1st Earl of Ulster
  • Gilbert
  • Robert, who died young
  • William, who was captured in Ireland in 1210 by King John and died in captivity
  • Elaine, who married Richard de Beaufo
  • Alicia, who married Roger Pipard and afterwards Geoffrey de Mareys
  • a daughter, who married William fitzAlan

Rohese is notable for the gift that she made, jointly with her husband and her son Robert, to Monmouth Priory. The Priory had benefited for more than half a century from her family's generosity, and it was clearly at her persuasion that this donation took place. Three shillings were to be given to the priory each year on St Michael's Day from the revenues of the town of Lydney in Gloucestershire. Rohese's brother Gilbert, otherwise known as a patron of literature, was among the witnesses to this donation.[1]


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