Rohingya Liberation Party

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Rohingya Liberation Party
Participant in the Rohingya conflict
Active 1972 (1972)–1974 (1974)
Ideology Rohingya nationalism
Leaders Zaffar Kawal[1]
Abdul Latif
Muhammad Jafar Habib
Headquarters Buthidaung, Rakhine State
Area of operations Rakhine State
Size 800–2,500[1]
Originated as Mujahideen
Became Rohingya Patriotic Front
Opponents Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma
Battles and wars

Internal conflict in Myanmar

The Rohingya Liberation Party (abbreviated RLP) was a Rohingya opposition group in Rakhine State, Myanmar (formerly Arakan, Burma). It had an armed wing called the Rohingya Liberation Army, which was led by a former mujahideen leader named Zaffar Kawal.[1]


On 15 July 1972, mujahideen leader Zaffar Kawal founded the Rohingya Liberation Party (RLP), after mobilising various Mujahideen factions under his command. Zaffar appointed himself Chairman of the party, Abdul Latif as Vice Chairman and Minister of Military Affairs, and Muhammad Jafar Habib as the Secretary General, a graduate from the University of Yangon. Their strength increased from 200 fighters in the beginning to up to 2,500 by 1974. The RLP was largely based in the jungles of Buthidaung. After a massive military operation by the Tatmadaw (Myanmar Armed Forces) in July 1974, Zaffar and most of his men fled across the border into Bangladesh.[1]

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