Rohit Khosla

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Rohit Khosla
Born November 29, 1959
Died 1994
Residence New Delhi, India
Nationality Indian
Occupation Fashion designer

Rohit Khosla (November 29, 1958 – 1994) was a pioneer of Indian fashion.[1] He started his own label in 1987, along with his sister, designer Rohini Khosla.

Early life[edit]

He entered the Indian fashion scene when it was still a nascent industry [2] and left his mark.[3] Born in November 1958 to an affluent family, Rohit had always dreamed of becoming a fashion pioneer. He was an alumnus of The Doon School in Dehdradun, and also went to the UK for higher studies. In those days, it was considered a bold step to enter fashion, especially when one had such a high profile qualification. Rohit Khosla was the first Indian fashion designer to launch a haute couture label.

His family was extremely supportive of his fashion career. In his short life, Khosla spearheaded major contributions to the Indian fashion industry.


In 1987, he co-founded Ensemble, India's popular designer label store in New Delhi,[4] with Tarun and Sal Tahiliani, which started with five labels: Tarun Tahiliani, Rohit Khosla, Neil Bieff, Amaya, Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla.[3]

Many leading fashion designers of India trained under Rohit Khosla, including Aparna Chandra, Ranna Gill,[5] Sonam Dobal [6] and JJ Valaya.[7]


Khosla died in 1994, aged 36, due to HIV/AIDS.


In 1998, Rohini Khosla published a book on his life and work, titled Rohit Khosla, Vanguard. In 2007 the India Fashion Week paid a tribute to him, with designers like Rohit Bal dedicating his collection to him.[8][9]

The annual India Zee F Awards presents the Rohit Khosla Award for 'Debutante Designer of the Year'.[10]


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