Rohit Vyas

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Rohit Vyas
Occupation Broadcast Journalist
Years active 1979–present
Spouse(s) Isha Vyas
Children Aditi Vyas, Radhika Vyas

Rohit Vyas is an Indian American Journalist and the Senior Vice President, News Director and English News Anchor for TV ASIA as well as a member of the United Nations Correspondents Association.[1][2]

Journalism career[edit]

Rohit Vyas with Hillary Clinton

Vyas began his career in Indian diaspora newspapers by being a former editor of both News India and India Abroad. He subsequently began his television career with Vision of Asia in the mid 80s until Amitabh Bachchan asked him to help set up the news division of TV ASIA in the early 90s.[3][4] In the year 2000, he was the only Indian American journalist to accompany President Bill Clinton on his trip to South Asia where they visited India, Bangladesh and Pakistan among others.[5][6] Throughout his career, Vyas has a done a number of high-profile interviews with world leaders, politicians and celebrities.[7]

Community Activism[edit]

Vyas was master of ceremonies for the India Day Parade in New York City for 21 years.[8] In the year 2014, he helped moderate a panel with local law enforcement and the New Jersey Indian American community after a string of break-ins left citizens concerned for their safety.[9]


Vyas has been recognized for his work in journalism and the Indian American community many times. In 2010, the National Federation of Indian Americans awarded him for his work in television and mass media.[10]

Personal life[edit]

Vyas resides in New Jersey with his wife. The couple has two daughters.