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ROHN Products, LLC, formerly ROHN Industries, Inc. and UNR Industries, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of telecommunications towers, poles, mounts, and other materials. ROHN products include support structures for antennae, private microwave, cellular telephone, personal communications systems, commercial broadcasting and amateur radio, etc.

Rohn Manufacturing was founded in 1948. Rohn towers were clearly one the world leaders in manufacturing of towers and other communication products. Rohn towers are located all over the world. The company was later sold to UNARCO Industries in the 1970s. UNARCO Industries, Inc. declared bankruptcy in 1982 and was reorganized as UNR Industries, Inc., later changing the name to ROHN Industries, Inc. In 2003, Rohn Industries, Inc. was acquired by Radian Corporation and in 2008 Rohn Products, LLC became independent again.

A substantial portion of the existing private and commercial telecommunications infrastructure in the United States involves ROHN products[citation needed]

ROHN had manufacturing facilities in Illinois, Alabama, Indiana, Arizona, and Mexico over the years. The Bessemer, Alabama plant is believed to be one of the largest equipment enclosure plants in the world.[citation needed]

During its history, UNR Industries owned steel production and fabricating facility Midwest Steel.[citation needed]