Rokan Hulu Regency

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Rokan Hulu Regency
Lokasi Riau Kabupaten Rokan Hulu.svg
Coordinates: 0°56′N 100°30′E / 0.933°N 100.500°E / 0.933; 100.500Coordinates: 0°56′N 100°30′E / 0.933°N 100.500°E / 0.933; 100.500
Country Indonesia
Province Riau
Capital Pasir Pangaraian
 • Total 7,449,85 km2 (287,640 sq mi)
Population (2014)
 • Total 568,576
 • Density 76/km2 (200/sq mi)
Time zone WIB (UTC+7)

Rokan Hulu is a regency (kabupaten) of Riau, Indonesia. Rokan Hulu, is a result of expansion Kampar district, which was established on October 12, 1999 under Law No. 53 of 1999 and Law No. 11 of 2003 on changes to Law Decree No. 53 of 1999, which is reinforced by the Constitutional Court Decision No. 010 / PUU-1/2004, dated August 26, 2004. It has an area of 7,449.85 km² and had 568,576 inhabitants at the 2014 Census..

The regency is divided into 16 districts (kecamatan). The seat of the regency is located at Pasir Pengaraian.


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