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Rokhl Korn

Rachel (Rokhl) Häring Korn (15 January 1898 – 9 September 1982) was a Yiddish poet and author. In total, she published eight collections of poetry and two of prose.


Korn was born near Podliski, now Підліски, East Galicia, modern Ukraine and started writing poetry at an early age. At the start of the First World War, her family fled to Vienna, returning to Poland in 1918. It was in this year that Korn's first published works appeared, in Nowy Dziennik, a Zionist newspaper, and in Glos Przemyski, a socialist journal. These items were published in Polish, but a year later she published her first Yiddish poem in the Lemberger Tageblatt. Her recognition grew with the publication of her first volumes of poetry: 'Dorf' ('Village', 1928) and 'Royter mon' ('Red Poppies', 1937). Her first collection of prose, 'Erd' ('Land') was published in 1936.

Following the German invasion of eastern Galicia in June 1941, Korn fled to Uzbekistan, before moving to Moscow, where she remained until the end of the war. She returned to Poland in 1946, immigrating to Montreal, Canada in 1948. Her next collection of poetry, Heym un heymlozikayt (Home and Homelessness) was published in 1948. She remained in Montreal, writing poetry, until her death in 1982.


  • Louis Lamed Prize for poetry and prose (1950 and 1958)
  • Jewish Book Council of America Certificate of Honor and Award for Yiddish Poetry (1969)
  • The H. Leivick Prize (1972)
  • The Manger Prize of the State of Israel (1974)