Rokkinpo Goroshi

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Rokkinpo Goroshi
Rokkinpo Goroshi album cover.jpg
Studio album by Maximum the Hormone
Released March 2, 2005
Genre Nu metal, skate punk, alternative metal
Length 33:29
Label VAP
Maximum the Hormone chronology
Rokkinpo Goroshi
Singles from Rokkinpo Goroshi
  1. "Rock Bankurawase/Minoreba Rock"
    Released: June 23, 2004
  2. "Hōchō Hasami Cutter Knife Dosu Kiri/Rei Rei Rei Rei Rei Rei Rei Rei Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma"
    Released: November 25, 2004

Rokkinpo Goroshi (ロッキンポ殺し Rokkinpo Killing?) is the second studio album by Japanese rock band Maximum the Hormone.

The meaning is "Rock-impotence killer".

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Maximum the Ryo.

No. Title Length
1. "Rokkinpo Goroshi" (ロッキンポ殺し Rokkinpo killing) 4:02
2. "(Cutter Knife Dosu Kiri) Honjō Hasami" (包丁ハサミカッターナイフドスキリ HONJYO ASAMI) 2:25
3. "Nitro BB Sensō" (ニトロBB戦争 BB Nitro war) 2:06
4. "Falling Jimmy" (Falling Jimmy STEWARDESS STORIES〜ARE YOU CHI・E・MI〜) 2:09
5. "Kawakita Saruin" (川北猿員 Monkey Kawakita employee) 1:52
6. "Anaru Whisky Ponce" (Re-rec. アナル・ウイスキー・ポンセ Anal Whiskey Ponce) 2:14
7. "Rock Bankurawase" (ロック番狂わせ Rock upset) 2:18
8. "Haiyani Spain" (ハイヤニ・スペイン Haiyani,Spain) 3:27
9. "Uehara (Futoshi)" (上原~FUTOSHI~ Uehara) 2:36
10. "Rei Rei Rei Rei Rei Rei Rei Rei Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma" (霊霊霊霊霊霊霊霊魔魔魔魔魔魔魔魔 Magic Magic Magic Magic Magic Magic Magic Magic Soul Soul Soul Soul Soul Soul Soul Soul) 3:01
11. "Rolling 1000toon" (ROLLING1000tOON TSUNAMI) 2:46
12. "Rock 'N' Roll Chainsaw" (ロックンロール・チェーンソー Rock 'N' Roll Chainsaw) 3:28
13. "Koi no Kinako Watashi ni Kudasai" (恋のきなこ私にください Give me love Kinako) 1:07

Charting positions[edit]


Year Chart Position
2005 Oricon Album Charts 27


  • "Rolling1000toon" was featured as an ending theme for the anime series Air Master and as a playable song in the Bemani games DrumMania 10th MIX and GuitarFreaks 11th MIX.
  • Several songs on the album finish with a quacking noise.