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Location Løten, Elverum (Hedmark)
Coordinates 60°47′24″N 11°26′38″E / 60.79000°N 11.44389°E / 60.79000; 11.44389Coordinates: 60°47′24″N 11°26′38″E / 60.79000°N 11.44389°E / 60.79000; 11.44389
Basin countries Norway
Surface area 4.03 km²
Shore length1 28.88 km
Surface elevation 215 m
References NVE
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.
Ruins of Rokoberget church

Rokosjøen is a lake in the municipalities of Løten and Elverum in Hedmark county, Norway.

Rokoberget church ruins (Rokoberget kirkeruin) stand on a ridge south of Rokosjøen. Rokoberget church was dedicated to Saint Michael and mentioned in a papal letter from 1254. It is believed that the church was not used after the Protestant Reformation. The ruin was excavated in 1906-1907. The ruin is fenced with an information board outside the fence. [1] [2]

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