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Roland D-05 Boutique (Roland D-05)
Manufacturer Roland
Dates 2017-
Price US$460 US
£350 GBP
JP¥50,000 JPY
Technical specifications
Polyphony 16 voices, 8 voices (Dual or Split mode)
Timbrality 2-part
Oscillator 32 partials with 2 per voice; 4 per voice in Dual or Split mode
Synthesis type Linear Arithmetic synthesis Digital Circuit Behavior (DCB)
Filter low-pass resonant filter referred to as a Time Variant Filter (TVF)
Attenuator ADSR envelope referred to as Time Variant Amplifier (TVA)
Aftertouch expression Yes
Velocity expression Yes
Storage memory Preset Patch 64 x 6, User Patch 64 x 8, Pattern 64
Effects Reverb, Chorus, EQ
Keyboard 25 keys with optional K-25m keyboard unit
Left-hand control Pitchbend / modulation ribbon controllers

The Roland D-05 is a synthesizer first manufactured in 2017. It is a smaller version of the Roland D-50 which was produced in 1987. [1] [2] The D-05 is part of the Roland's Boutique range of new and recreated synths. This particular Boutique module has additional functionality compared to its bigger brother. There is the addition of a Micro USB port that MIDI and audio from the unit can both be transmitted to and from a connected computer.

Extra features[edit]

Extra features include an arpeggiator and a 64 step sequencer, sequence shuffle and has gate timing along with tempo and patch changes. [3]


The unit can be powered by batteries or from the USB port. Along with the optional K25m module and utilizing the D-05's built in speaker, it can be made into a self-contained, highly portable synthesizer.


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