Roland Groome

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Roland Groome
Born 1890s
United Kingdom
Died 20 September 1935
Regina, Saskatchewan Canada
Occupation aviator
Home town Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Roland Groome (1890s in the United Kingdom – 20 September 1935) was a Canadian aviator from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Groome, who had served with the Royal Flying Corps as an instructor during World War I set up the "Aerial Service Co" in 1919, with his partner Ed Clark. Although the company was a failure Groome had registered Canada's first aircraft, C-GAAA, a Curtis JN4 biplane and in April 1920 he became the first licensed commercial pilot in Canada.[1]

Because the forerunner of Transport Canada made their first trip from Ottawa, Ontario in 1920 to Regina, Groome was able to claim several aviation firsts in Canada. He was to receive the first pilots licence, the first commercial pilots and the airfield he had helped set up was licensed as Canada's first "air harbour". At the same time his mechanic Robert McCombie was given Canada's first air engineer's license.

In 1927 Groome set up his second company "Universal Air Industries" at a new airfield called "Lakeview Aerodrome". Later that same year he also helped form the "Regina Flying Club", where he was to hold the position of flying instructor until his death.

In September 1935, Groome and student Arnold Sym were killed when the control rod on the aileron of their Avro Avian failed and the aircraft crashed just outside Regina.


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