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The Roland MPU-IPC-T is a MIDI Interface from Roland Corporation aimed at IBM PC and compatibles. It is an 8-bit ISA standardized half-size card connected to a break-out box via a DB-25 connector. This card seems to be a slightly modified version of the Roland MPU-IPC card. The MPU-IPC-T model, from various images and specification charts allows the user to select different Base I/O port address and IRQ settings, the other model does not it seems. The IRQ ranges are limited to 2 through 7 and the Base I/O port addresses from 325h to 338h.

The MPU-IPC-T is the successor of the MPU-IPC. The main difference is the ability to set jumpers for IRQ and I/O. The interface is intelligent MPU-401 like its predecessors and successors.

The break-out box has three DIN connectors for MIDI, 1xIN and 2xOUT plus three mini jack 3.5mm: 1xTAPE IN, 1xTAPE OUT and 1xMETRONOME OUT

This information is based on various pamphlets and brochures from Roland Corporation and personal user experience

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