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Roland Poirier Martinsson (born in Aahus, Kristianstad County, Sweden, 15 February 1962) is an author, conservative philosopher and radio- and TV-personality from Sweden, now living in Austin, Texas. As a columnist, he writes mainly on American politics from a social and cultural point of view. He is a regular contributor to Svenska Dagbladet and Expressen, two major Swedish newspapers. He has also written for The Weekly Standard.[1] Martinsson is married and has three children.

In 1997, he left the Church of Sweden and converted to Roman Catholicism.

Poirier Martinsson received his PhD in philosophy from Lund University, Sweden, in 2001 for a thesis on the justification of empirical beliefs (published in 2001 as A Two-Front Battle). His books are mainly concerned with the historic and contemporary relations between science, religion, culture and society.


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