Roland Rohlfs

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Roland Rohlfs on September 18, 1919.jpg

Roland Rohlfs (1892 - 1974) was an American aviator.


He was the son of Anna Katharine Green, the crime novelist; and Charles Rohlfs, the actor and furniture craftsman.

Rohlfs flew a hydro-aeroplane called the "Dunkirk Fighter" for Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company in 1918. Later that year he broke the flight airspeed record while flying a Curtiss Wasp, his speed was clocked at 163.1 mph (262.4 km/h).

In 1919 he broke another world record when he flew to an altitude of 34,610 feet in a Curtiss L-3 triplane (at - 47 degrees Fahrenheit).[1]

He died in 1974.


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