Roland S-50

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Roland S-50
Roland S-50.jpg
Roland S-50
ManufacturerRoland Corporation
Dates1986 - 1987
Price£2195 UK $2695 US
Technical specifications
Timbrality4 parts
Synthesis typeSamples
FilterLow-pass, hi-pass digital filters
Aftertouch expressionYes
Velocity expressionYes
Storage memoryRAM (512K)[1]
Keyboard61 keys weighted
Left-hand controlpitch-bend and modulation wheels, volume, record level, controller / bend range sliders.

The Roland S-50 is a 61-key 12-bit sampler keyboard produced by the Roland Corporation in 1986. It featured a 3.5-inch DSDD floppy disk drive and had external CRT monitor support to facilitate editing of samples. It could hold up to 32 samples. A rack-mounted version was also available, which featured expanded memory.[2]

Sample rate[edit]

15 to 30 kHz variable sampling rates at a 12-bit resolution, (28.8 seconds and 14.4 seconds respectively) The samples can also be saved to disk (3.5-inch DSDD floppy disk drive).[3]


DT-100 Digitizer Tablet

A rack-mountable version was released in 1987,[4] which also had twice the sample memory (1.5 Mb), time-variant filters. A less feature-rich version of the S-550 was also available as the S-330. Both can support the DT-100 Digitizer Tablet and an external computer monitor for visual manipulation of the samples on screen.

Notable users[edit]


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