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The Roland SP-555 is a music sampler manufactured by Roland Corporation. The 555 is part of the SP family, which includes Roland’s popular SP-303 and SP-404 installments. The sampler was released in 2008.


SP Lineage

The following list is a correct order of each SP installment's release, as an attempt to help musicians avoid any confusion.

  • Boss SP-202 (1998)
  • Roland SP-808 GrooveSampler (1998)
  • Roland SP-808EX E-Mix Studio (2000)
  • Boss SP-303 (2001)
  • Boss SP-505 (2002)
  • Roland SP-606 (2004)
  • Roland SP-404 (2005)
  • Boss SP-555 (2008)
  • Roland SP-404SX (2011)
  • Roland SP-404A (2017)

The SP-555 has a microphone input that accepts 1/4 inch phone type, XLR type, and Hi-Z. The SP-555 also incorporates a loop capture setting, which allows looping samples that one can add to until recording is stopped. A total of 37 built-in effects can be assigned to 16 pressure-sensitive pads. In similarity to the SP-808 installment, the sampler has the D Beam feature, which allows one to control 3 different effects physically, including synth, trigger, and filter. "V-Link" connects the sampler to lighting, allowing light effects to change in sync with the sample or loop. The SP-555 also has several pre-loaded live FX, including Voice Transformer, Delay, Isolator, "Super Filter", and "DJFX Looper". One feature, the Effect Memory, recalls previous settings on the pads without interrupting any sound while switching effects.[1]



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