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Rolando Gomez
Rolando Gomez.jpg
ResidenceSan Antonio, Texas
Alma materUniversity of Texas at San Antonio, St. Philip's College
Occupationphotojournalist, photographer, instructor, author, writer
Home townSan Antonio, Texas

Rolando Gomez (born 1962) is an American freelance photographer and author of four photography how-to books, one social media book, and one self-help book, the latter with a favorable Kirkus Review.[1] Gomez was selected as a Quora Top Writer in 2016, 2017 and 2018.[2]

In 1994 the Dept. of Defense chose him as one of the Top Five military photographers worldwide, plus awarded him the Defense Meritorious Service Medal for documenting the Latin America drug war over 26-months during the Pablo Escobar era. Gomez captured photos on assignment during the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Olympics, Presidential Inauguration, Desert Storm, Uphold Democracy in Haiti, Northern Watch in Turkey and the 1994 Rwandan refugee crisis in Africa plus many more world events.[3][4]

His work has appeared in PARADE, NEWSWEEK, Rangefinder, D-Pixx, Peterson's 4-Wheel Drive, Stars and Stripes, Army Times, Airman, Soldiers, Playboy, Netscape, Studio Photography & Design, PMA Daily, and Leica World News plus other publications.[5]

Gomez served almost nine years, active-duty, as a military photographer in the US Army.[6][7] He was a past head of multimedia production for Air Force News and founded, an online forum for photographers, in 1999,[7] and is a former member of the Lexar Media Elite Photographers.[8]

Gomez earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication, Electronic Media, summa cum laude (4.0 GPA), from the University of Texas, San Antonio in 2001 and an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration from St. Philips College, San Antonio. Gomez is also a State of Texas Mediator in Conflict Resolution. He is listed by the University of Texas, San Antonio as a “notable graduate.”[9][10]


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