Rolando Sousa

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Rolando Sousa
Keiko with Rolando Sousa running  for Andean Parliament
Keiko con Rolando Sousa al parlamento Andino

Víctor Rolando Sousa Huanambal (Lambayeque, August 22, 1961) is a Peruvian lawyer and politician. He ran for the second vice presidency under the candidacy of Martha Chavez to the presidency of the Republic, representing "Alliance for the Future" party, in the 2006 General Election. Despite failing to be second vice president, he joined the Congress of the Republic of Peru, in the 2006-2011 period.

Since 2001 he was former President Alberto Fujimori´ lawyer in Peru, in association with the criminal attorney César Nakasaki. Defense which was taken over by another lawyer, in 2013.

As of August 3, 2006, the Board of Spokesmen of the Congress of the Republic, and the multiparty table (which decides the organization of the various working committees in Congress) appointed him as coordinator of the Committee on Foreign Affairs . Traditionally, the coordinators later become committee chairmen.

This table was mainly comprised by APRA and PPC parties; however, the decision was unanimous. Rolando Sousa also chaired the Committee on Justice and Human Rights of the Congress for two consecutive periods, while in Congress.

He is running for the Andean Parliament in the 2016 General Election and is N°1 on the list presented by the Fuerza Popular party.[citation needed]

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