Role Models (2017 film)

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Role Models
Role Models (2017 film) poster art.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Raffi
Produced by Vaishak Rajan
Written by Raffi
Music by Gopi Sundar
Cinematography Shamdat Sainudheen[1]
Edited by V. Saajan
Vaishaka Cynyma
Distributed by Phars Films & Tricolor Entertainment
Running time
131 minutes
Country India
Language Malayalam

Role Models is a 2017 Indian Malayalam-language comedy film written and directed by Rafi.[2][3] The film stars Fahadh Faasil, Vinayakan, Sharaf U Dheen, Vinay Forrt, and Namitha Pramod.[4][5] Role Models was shot in various locations of Goa and Dubai.[4] The film got released on 25 June 2017 all over Kerala.


The film opens with Gautham being not a social man, very different from his college days. His father asks Gautham's college friends Rexxie and Jyothish to help him. Coming to know that Gautham sort of insulted a girl during a date at the public library and her father called Gautham gay as he wasn't interested in females, they went to his office. But Gautham treats them rather formally. Then they see his boss shouting at him and he listens to it patiently which they found difficult to believe because he was unlike the Gautham they knew. They find out that he isn't a gay.

Their college days are revealed showing Gautham a very social person. He was the lead singer of a band named 'Role Models' which consisted of Rexxie, Jyothish and Subhan, a flirt. They were best friends and everyone liked them but Gautham's parents disliked their son being with them. Then it is revealed that Gautham's parents gave a complaint to the principal with Gautham's signature which Gautham signed when he was drunk. As a result, the three were expelled. Gautham tries to explain to them that it wasn't him who gave the complaint and that they all knew each other's secrets and they should not break up. But Subhan asks him in anger why he kept his love affair a secret and the others are surprised. Eventually, they are separated.

Rexxie and Jyothish tell Gautham that Subhan was having cancer and that he wants to meet Gautham which was a lie. Gautham goes with them to Subhan's place. Subhan has become a football player and was still a bachelor. Rexxie asks with whom did Gautham had a love affair and it Subhan tells that it was Christy, a tomboy whom they all know. Then it is shown that Christy had written a love letter to Gautham which was caught by the principal.

The three of them brings Christy, who was getting married in a month, back. But then Gautham is unhappy to see her and reveals that it was he who had given the letter to the principal. hearing Gautham's answer she tries to beat him. Then he reveals that he used to like Shreya (Namitha Pramod) and not Christy. Reuniting with Shreya and solving issues between Shreya and Gautham's parents form the rest of the plot.



The film garnered generally positive reviews praising it as a fun filled family entertainer. Fahadh Faasil, Vinaayakan, Sharaf U Dheen, Vinay Fort made a combo of youth and it includes a comic first half and an engaging second half. The film also includes Harishree Ashokan in a guest role as "Ramanan" the same character as Punjabi House movie which is also a current super hit troll character in the social media.


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