Rolf Gindorf

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Rolf Gindorf
Born 14 May 1939
Cologne, Germany
Died 26 March 2016
Residence Düsseldorf, Germany
Nationality Germany
Fields Sexology
Institutions DGSS-Institut
Alma mater University of Düsseldorf
Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality
Maimonides University

Rolf Gindorf (14 May 1939 – 26 March 2016) was a German sexologist.[1] He was a member of Mensa.[2] In 1971 he founded the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sozialwissenschaftliche Sexualforschung (de).[3]


Gindorf's published works include:

  • Sexology Today. A Brief Introduction. Düsseldorf 1993, 141 pp. (with E. J. Haeberle)
  • Bisexualities. The Ideology and Practice of Sexual Contact with Both Men and Women. New York 1998, 270 pp. (with E. J. Haeberle)[4]


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