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Rolf Schulmeister (born May 16, 1943 in Hamburg), German educator and professor of education in the University of Hamburg.

In 1963-1969 Rolf Schulmeister studied German and English philology and philosophy. In 1969, he obtained the Doctor of Philosophy academic degree. In 1969 he heads the conference of education in Marburg, and in 1970 founded the Interdisciplinary Centre for didactic methodology of high school education (IZHD), today is known as the Learning Center of High School and Further Education. In 1976 he became a professor of the Hamburg University. Later, while being the professor of didactics in the University, he initially specializes on teaching technologies (teaching and learning methods), and later on the didactics and mass media development.

In 1987, he founded the Institute of Sign Language and Communication for Deaf people in the linguistics field. After that he worked at the Language - Literature and Mass Media departments. In 1990 he attained the position of managing director at the institute once called IZHD and today the High School Learning Center and Further Education. Since 1993 he has taken part in the mass media studies in the Language and Literature departments, and in 2005 became responsible for the MA degree award at the University of Hamburg.

Schulmeister is the creator of e-learning newspapers and well known due to his observations in the field of time management researches for students of BA-/BSc and MA-/MSc training programs. Over three years, he examined the learning patterns of German students as part of a one-off international study. His recently published results show that academic achievement and effort have little to do with each other. Currently he is also the project manager of ZEITLast.


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