Roller Derby France

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Roller Derby France
Team France roller derby logo.jpg
Founded 2011
Colors Blue, white and red
Head coach Amelia Scareheart
Championships 7th place at 2011 Roller Derby World Cup
Broadcasters Derby News Network

Roller Derby France represents France in women's international roller derby, in events such as the Roller Derby World Cup. The team was first formed to compete at the 2011 Roller Derby World Cup, and finished the tournament in seventh place.

Head coach Amelia Scareheart stated that the team's aim was to gain experience to strengthen itself for future contests.[1] The team brought around a dozen supporters to the World Cup in Toronto.[2]

France won their first round bout against Team Brazil, by 212 points to 138,[3] but lost to Team England by 383 to 14 in the quarter final.[4] In the placement round, they beat Team New Zealand 180 to 129, to finish in seventh place.[5]

Team roster[edit]

2011 team roster[edit]

The initial roster was selected from about forty applicants by the coaching staff of the team: Amelia Scareheart, Bravehurt, Dixie Pixie and Slash Gordon.[1] (league affiliations listed as of at the time of the announcement)

Number Name League
5 Bambu Sengoku Roller Derby Toulouse
699 Belle Zebuth Les Petites Morts de Bordeaux
118 Bestia Loca Roller Derby Toulouse
75 Bloody Vuitton Paris Rollergirls
66 Bone E. Vicious Paris Rollergirls
3 Butch Shan Paris Rollergirls
51 Cash Pistache Roller Derby Toulouse
42 Chakk Attack Roller Derby Toulouse
138 Cherry LieLie Paris Rollergirls
8 Dual Hitizen D.C. Rollergirls
18 Emi Wild Les Petites Morts de Bordeaux
24 Francey Pants Montreal Roller Derby
11 Karla Karschër Les Petites Morts de Bordeaux
182 Katy Fury Paris Rollergirls
B612 Kozmic Bruise Paris Rollergirls
666 Maggie Yo Teen Roller Derby Toulouse
00 Meryl Strip-her Paris Rollergirls
17 Router Girl Pioneer Valley Roller Derby
HK13 Truck Off Pooky Paris Rollergirls
218 Whisky Mamy Paris Rollergirls