Roller Derby Germany

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Roller Derby Germany
Team Germany roller derby logo.jpg
Founded 2011

Black, red and gold

Championships 9th place at 2011 Roller Derby World Cup
Broadcasters Derby News Network

Roller Derby Germany represents Germany in women's international roller derby, in events such as the Roller Derby World Cup. The team was first formed to compete at the 2011 Roller Derby World Cup and finished the tournament in ninth place.[1]

At the World Cup, Germany lost in round one to Team New Zealand, by 143 to 127.[2] In the consolation stage, it easily beat Team Scotland,[3] then also beat Ireland to finish ninth.[4]

Team roster[edit]

2011 team roster[edit]

The team named an initial roster of twenty skaters:[5] (league affiliations listed as of at the time of the announcement)

Number Name League
66 BamBule Bear City Roller Derby
3 Call of Booty Ruhrpott Roller Girls
00 Chibi Abuser Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz
8 Ellie Minate Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz
0 Heavy Miss Gale Harbor Girls Hamburg
505 Heavy Rotation Bear City Roller Derby
10 Kiddo Bear City Roller Derby
4 Kitty Carrera Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz
0049 Mercedes Philly Rollergirls
17 Noxious Angel Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz
13 Polly Purgatory Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz
67 Psycho Annie Ruhrpott Roller Girls
1 Public Enemy Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz
28 Resident Shevil Bear City Roller Derby
85D Silicon Sally Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz
101 Snowblood Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz
35 Spacy Tracy Barock City Roller Derby
9 Sweet Gwenrolline Ruhrpott Roller Girls
81 Titty Twista Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz
80 Vegas Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz


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