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The Roller Derby Hall of Fame, also known as the National Roller Derby Hall of Fame, was founded in 1952.[1]

Johnny Rosasco and Josephine "Ma" Bogash were the first two skaters to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.[1] The Hall of Fame was initially displayed in Madison Square Garden, and was strongly associated with the sport's founder, Leo Seltzer.[2] Skaters could only be inducted after their retirement. However, four skaters were inducted and then returned to skating: Ann Calvello, Annis Jensen, Ken Monte and Charlie O'Connell.[3]

When the International Roller Derby League, by then run by Leo Seltzer's son, Jerry, closed in 1973, the Hall of Fame also closed. As a result, several acclaimed skaters who had never retired were not inducted.[3]

In the late 1990, Roller Derby fan Gary Powers built up a collection of memorabilia, principally through buying and selling on eBay. He made contact with former skaters, including Calvello, and, by early 2004, his house was described by Time Out as an unofficial roller derby hall of fame.[4] In September 2004, it was opened on an official basis, with the blessing of Jerry Seltzer,[5] with Powers named as its executive director.[6] According to Reuters, the re-opened hall of fame "not only honors legends of the game but includes memorabilia like jerseys, tickets, and programs".[7]


Members of the original hall of fame are:[8]

Since re-opening in 2004, the following additional members have been inducted:[9]

  • Judy Arnold
  • Buddy Atkinson, Jr.
  • Loretta Behrens
  • Richard Brown
  • Mary Ciofani
  • Lydia Clay
  • George Copeland
  • Frank Deford
  • Dolores Doss
  • Sandy Dunn
  • Joe Foster
  • Mike Gammon
  • Toddy Geffinger
  • Leroy Gonzales
  • Bill Griffiths, Sr.
  • Bill Groll
  • John Hall
  • Shirley Hardman
  • Walt Harris
  • Bob Hein
  • Liz Hernandez
  • Jerry Hill
  • Bobby Johnstone
  • Johnny Karp
  • Annabelle Kealey
  • Ken Kunzelman
  • Margie Laszlo
  • Bob Lewis
  • Larry Lewis
  • Frank Macedo
  • Carol "Peanuts" Meyer
  • Judi McGuire
  • Ruberta Mitchell
  • Bill Morrissey
  • Ken Nydell
  • Joe Nygra
  • Gill Orozco
  • Mary Lou Palermo
  • John Parker
  • Julie Patrick
  • Carl Payne
  • Monta Jean Payne
  • Jean Porter
  • Cathie Read
  • Silver Rich
  • Ronnie Robinson
  • Tony Roman
  • Hazel Roop
  • Norma Rossner
  • Damon Runyon
  • Bob Satterfield
  • Rosetta Saunders
  • Nick Scopas
  • Jerry Seltzer
  • Leo Seltzer
  • Red Smartt
  • Judy Sowinski
  • Delores Tucker
  • Ralph Valladares
  • Gene Vizena
  • Joan Weston
  • Bob Woodberry
  • Mary “Pocahontas” Youpelle

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