Roller Hockey Premier League

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Roller Hockey Premier League
Sport Roller Hockey
Founded 1930
No. of teams 8
Country  England
Most recent
King's Lynn
Official website National Roller Hockey Association

The Premier League is the main competition in England Roller Hockey. It has a long history, and it has existed since 1930. It has some of the most historic European teams like Herne Bay and Herne Bay United, that usually compete in European Club Competitions like European League or Cers Cup.

Participating Teams: 2012-13 Season[edit]

The clubs that are competing in the 2012-13 Season are: Bury St. Edmunds RHC, Grimsby RHC, RHC Invicta, Herne Bay United, King's Lynn RHC, Letchworth RHC, Manchester RHC, Middlesbrough RHC and Peterborough RHC.

History of the Premier League[edit]

Number of Championships by Team[edit]

Team Championships
Herne Bay United 16
Southsea 12
Middlesbrough RHC 5
Wolverhampton 3
King's Lynn 3
Grimsby 2
Bury St Edmunds 1
Folkestone 1
Letchworth 1

National Cup[edit]

The National Cup is the second main competition of Roller Hockey in England and is played by all the English clubs.

Number of English Cups by Team[edit]

Team Cups
Herne Bay 32
Herne Bay United 14
Southsea 13
Wolverhampton 5
Middlesbrough RHC 5
Folkstone 4
Maidstone 3
Bury St Edmunds 2
Rochester 2
Great Harwood 2
Grimsby 2
Letchworth 1
Alexandra Palace 1
Birchpark 1
Soham 1

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