Rollercoaster Mania

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Rollercoaster mania
Rollercoaster Mania Logo.jpg
Rollercoaster Mania Logo
Developer(s) Noisy Duck
Publisher(s) 6waves
Platform(s) Facebook
Genre(s) Theme park game
Mode(s) Singleplayer

Rollercoaster Mania is a theme park game for Facebook. It is developed by Noisy Duck and published by the 6waves. It is currently the 22nd fastest-growing Facebook game[citation needed] by MAU with user figures up by 130,000 to 580,000[citation needed] in a week which means a gain of 35%. It is based on the 1994 PC game Theme Park on iOS developed by EA and so is likely to appeal to its fans.[1] It has almost exactly the same aesthetic, though its rearranged to focus on social play.

About the Game play[edit]

The game is available for mobile and is played on Facebook.

There are Theme Park installments, stall, shops, entertainers, decoration, and many more things !! You can play it in full screen and also in different camera angles. The players start with a small plot of land on which they build rides, food stalls and decorations. Rides and stalls start unlocking as the player proceeds in the game levels. The player has to buy rides; some rides start working as soon as they are placed some need materials like wood, steel and screw; some take time to build while the others need staff that is your friends help .

A screenshot of Rollercoaster Mania

The rides will operate continuously after they are placed. But food stalls require you to come back every now and then to restock their goods according to the stock you have chosen. This adds a "click and wait"[2] element to the game, as you can choose from different time limits and different rewards. The cheaper food remain for longer time like 6 to 12 hours but cause vomiting in the park by the consumers affecting your cleanliness ratings and also gives you an extra job of cleaning it. Whereas excellent food remain for shorter time like 10 min to 1 hour and keeps your the consumers happy. The park is open to the public for varying lengths of time. The longer you set the park to run, the less profits you'll make in the long run.

The player can hire entertainers and entertaining stalls to keep their guests happy and increase their entertainment ratings . You also need to keep cleaning staff and dustbins to keep your park clean .

The player have to complete the quests given in Rollercoaster Mania. Like the first quest is of placing the Flying Fish ride, second placing 'The Hunted House', making road, adding decoration, rides, burger shop, entertainers and a lot more. You also have neighbors or friends. You can collect goods from the trucks by visiting them, help them by clicking on protesters in their park and so earn coins and experience. The game also have achievement system which the player is rewarded for completing certain task. There is also a rating meter to see how good your park is progressing .

Good points of Rollercoaster Mania[edit]

The game has no energy bar which lets the player play it without time limitations. The game graphics are colorful and animations of rides working are like real life motion which makes the game interesting to play.

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