Rolling Stone (Suzi Quatro song)

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"Rolling Stone"
Suzi Quatro - Rolling Stone.jpg
Single by Suzi Quatro
B-side "Brain Confusion (For All the Lonely People)"
Released 7 July 1972 (1972-07-07)
Genre Rock
Label RAK
Producer(s) Mickie Most
Suzi Quatro singles chronology
"Rolling Stone"
"Can the Can"

"Rolling Stone" is Suzi Quatro's debut solo single released on 7 July 1972. Quatro's name was misspelled Susie Quatro on the initial packaging. The single did not achieve popularity except in Portugal, where it went to number one.[1]


This is Quatro's first solo single and was released after she moved from the United States to Britain. In the United States she had already released two singles with all-female band The Pleasure Seekers.[2]

The song "Brain Confusion (For All the Lonely People)" was written by Quatro and initially recorded when she was part of The Pleasure Seekers.[3] The Pleasure Seekers became Cradle. It was when Mickie Most saw Quatro perform the song with Cradle that he decided to sign her as a solo act. The version of the song on this ("Rolling Stone") single is a re-recording with Quatro and session players.[4]

The song "Rolling Stone" was initially written by Phil Dennys (the person who did arrangements for Jade). The lyrics were rewritten by Hot Chocolate front man Errol Brown (and Quatro herself, uncredited) to be more suitable for Quatro.[1]



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