Rolling Thunder (journal)

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Rolling Thunder
Cover of Issue 1 (June 6, 2005)
Editors Anonymous
Categories Anarchism
Frequency Biannual
Circulation 3,000 per issue (distributed internationally)
Publisher CrimethInc.
First issue June 6, 2005
Country USA
Based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Language English

Rolling Thunder is a biannual "anarchist journal of dangerous living" published by the anarchist collective CrimethInc.[1] since the Summer of 2005. The magazine is headquartered in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.[2]

It is our attempt to offer a wild-eyed, fire-breathing, militant periodical
that can cover the adventures of a dissident high school student skipping class
as easily as a street riot that sets an embassy aflame:
that neither reduces the organic impulses of revolt to inert theory
nor prioritizes conventional activism over the subversive elements present in every other walk of life
but instead focuses on sharing the stories of those who step out of line
(that is, of all of us, in our finest moments)
and sharing the skills developed in the process
(not to mention the poetry)
so that many more may do so
and do so more boldly
and so that liberty and community and all those other beautiful things
may triumph.

— CrimethInc.

In a review of Issue 5, Last Hours praised the magazine for presenting "some of the best critical analysis of the anarchist movement both in the United States and in Europe … in recent years".[3]


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