Rolling ball sculpture

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A simple wooden toy marble run

A rolling ball sculpture (sometimes referred to as a marble run, ball run, gravitram, kugelbahn (German: 'ball track'), or rolling ball machine) is a form of kinetic art – an art form that contains moving pieces – that specifically involves one or more rolling balls.

A version where marbles compete in a race to win is called a marble race.


People make toys out of Rolling ball sculptures.

World records[edit]

People watching a kinetic sculpture by George Rhoads

The tallest rolling ball sculpture in the world, at 22 metres (72 ft) tall, is named the Energy Machine, and located in the Hong Kong Science Museum in Hong Kong.[1]

According to Guinness World Records, the longest marble run is 2,858.9 meters long and was completed in Switzerland in September of 2017.[2][3]

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