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Rollins School of Public Health
Logo of the Emory Rollins School of Public Health.png
Established 1990
Parent institution
Emory University
Dean James W. Curran
Location Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Campus Suburban

The Rollins School of Public Health (RSPH) is the public health school of Emory University. Founded in 1990, RSPH has more than 850 students pursuing master's degrees (MPH/MSPH) and over 100 students pursuing doctorate degrees (PhD). The school comprises six departments: Behavioral Sciences/Health Education (BSHE), Biostatistics (BIOS), Environmental and Occupational Health (EH), Epidemiology (EPI), Global Health (GH), and Health Policy and Management (HPM).

In addition to pursuing degrees from a single department, students may participate in joint programs, both within RSPH and in conjunction with other professional schools at Emory. Unique programs to Rollins are Global Environmental Health, Global Epidemiology, and the joint EH/EPI MSPH program.

One of the founding fathers of RSPH was Dr. David Sencer, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) from 1966 to 1977 and New York City Health Commissioner from 1981 to 1985.[1][2][3][4] In his honor, the David Sencer Scholarship Fund was established at RSPH in 2008.[5] RSPH continues to be closely affiliated with CDC, along with multiple other public health institutions, such as the Emory Global Health Institute.[6]


In the most recent rankings (2011), RSPH was ranked the number 6 school of public health by U.S. News & World Report,[7] and is one of two schools of public health founded in the past 50 years to be ranked in the top 12.

A large number of Rollins professors are regularly featured in the media. For example, Professor Alan Hinman was the head of the Immunizations division at CDC for a decade, and he is considered to be one of the nation's top vaccination experts.[8] Associate Professor Saad Omer is featured in the national media as an vaccination expert as well.[9] During the Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa, Emory University Hospital, in concert with experts from Rollins, became the leading treatment center for Ebola patients in America.[10][11]


Atlanta is commonly referred to as the world's public health capital,[12] and with good reason— the primary office of the CDC is located across the street from Rollins, and there are a large number of other public health groups (consulting, NGO, and informatics-related) located across the city, such as Deloitte and CARE (relief agency).

Notable persons[edit]

  • William Foege – Professor Emeritus at Rollins School of Public Health, American epidemiologist credited for the global eradication of Smallpox.[13]
  • James W. Curran – Dean of Rollins, first leader of CDC's AIDS task force.
  • Howard Frumkin, MD, DrPH – former Director of the National Center for Environmental Health, former EOH department chair
  • Sandra Thurman – Lecturer in the school, former Clinton "AIDS Czar"
  • Carlos Del Rio – Infectious disease expert who led the National AIDS Program in Mexico, Director of the NIH-sponsored HIV Prevention Trials Network, leader in global HIV/AIDS research.
  • Kenneth E. Thorpe – Appointed as Deputy Assistant Secretary in President Bill Clinton's cabinet, he had a central role in coordinating President Clinton's health care reform proposals.
  • Alan Hinman – Directed the United States Immunization Program, currently the Director for Programs at the Center for Vaccine Equity at the Task Force for Global Health, one of the top five largest NGOs in the world.
  • Walter Orenstein – Also directed the United States Immunization Program and served as senior advisor to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Currently the Associate Director of the Emory Vaccines Center.

Rollins family[edit]

The school is named for O. Wayne Rollins, a self-made business entrepreneur and innovator who participated in numerous ventures with his brother, John W. Rollins Several members of the Rollins family have served on the Emory University Board of Trustees.

On July 9, 2007, the O. Wayne Rollins Foundation and Grace Crum Rollins donated $50 million to the School. The donation doubled the school's physical structure, adding 160,000 square feet (15,000 m2). It was one of the largest donations to a public health school in the history of higher education. The expansion was completed in May 2010 and the new building was dedicated on October 6, 2010.[14]

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