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The Rolls-Royce Meteorite, also known as the Rover Meteorite, was a V8 petrol or diesel engine of 18.01 litres (1,099 cu in) capacity and was derived from the Rolls-Royce Meteor.[1] In essence it was two-thirds of a V12 Meteor, and it shared the Meteor's 60° vee angle. Meteorites were built for vehicles, for marine use and as stationary power units.

It powered the Thornycroft Antar or Mighty Antar Tank Transporter, so was used to transport Meteor-engined tanks, the Centurion and Conqueror (and later the non-Meteor Chieftain). This association with the defence ministry lasted 21 years to 1964, and was centred at the Acocks Green "shadow factory" near Birmingham. [2]


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