Roma Texas Port of Entry

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Roma Texas Port of Entry
Roma Texas Port of Entry.jpg
Roma Texas Border Inspection Station
Country United States
Location 405 N. Estrella Street, Roma, Texas 78584
Coordinates 26°24′15″N 99°01′02″W / 26.404209°N 99.017125°W / 26.404209; -99.017125
Opened 1928
Phone (956) 849-1678
Hours Open 24 hours
Exit Port Miguel Aleman
2011 Cars


(includes data from Falcon Dam)
2011 Trucks 6,921
Pedestrians 250,307

The Roma Port of Entry was established in 1928 with the construction of the first suspension bridge. The current bridge was built in 1988, but the historic Roma – Ciudad Miguel Alemán International Bridge remains adjacent to it and is not currently used.[1] The Mexican City of San Pedro de Roma was renamed Ciudad Miguel Alemán, Tamaulipas after former Mexican President Miguel Alemán Valdés. The city of Roma, Texas was once the westernmost navigable seaport on the Rio Grande, but by 1900, water drawn from the river for irrigation upstream had so severely lowered the water levels that vessel traffic had virtually ceased.[2]

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