Roman Antoszewski

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Roman Antoszewski
Born(1935-01-20)20 January 1935
Lidzbark Welski, Poland
Died27 November 2017(2017-11-27) (aged 82)
Laingholm, Titirangi,
Auckland, New Zealand
OccupationProfessor in Natural Sciences

Roman Antoszewski (20 January 1935 – 27 November 2017) was a professor in plant physiology, born in Lidzbark Welski, Poland.

Professional Qualifications[edit]

  1. 1957 - M.Sc. in Plant Physiology, University of Łódź, Poland Analytica Chimica Acta
  2. 1963 - Ph.D. in Plant Physiology, Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland
  3. 1963/4 - Postdoctoral practice at Yale University, New Haven, Con., USA (research under Prof.Arthur Galston )
  4. 1968 - D.Sc. (Habilitation) in Natural Sciences (Jagiellonian University), Cracow, Poland
  5. 1974 - Professor in Natural Sciences (Belweder, presidential nomination)

Posts Held[edit]

  1. 1955-1957 Technical assist., [1] University of Lódź, Poland (establishing the first isotope laboratory in plant physiology);
  2. 1957-1961 Research assist., ibid.;
  3. 1961-1964 Research assist., Research Institute of Pomology, Skierniewice, Poland;
  4. 1964-1970 Head of the Isotope Laboratory of Fruit Biochemistry, ibid.;
  5. 1972/3 - Grantee of the International Agricultural Research Centre, Wageningen, The Netherlands.
  6. 1966-1982 Principal Investigator of three consecutive research projects sponsored by the US Dept of Agriculture and conducted in Poland;
  7. 1970-1982 Head of the Dept of Biochemistry, Research Institute of Pomology and Floriculture, Skierniewice technical aspects presented in:
    Some nuclear techniques applicable for physiological characterization of plant material; Tracer techniques for plant breeding; Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna 1975 - Poland;
  8. 1982-1984 Visiting Professor at the Institute of Radioagronomy, Nuclear Research Centre, Jülich, Germany;
  9. 1984-1988 Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry, Dept of Plant Science and Biochemistry, University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Trinidad and Tobago;
  10. 1989-1990 Senior Research Fellow, Dept of Botany, National University of Singapore, Singapore;
  11. 1991-1992 Hon. Assoc. Res. Fellow, Waikato University New Zealand;
  12. 1993-2012 Director of Roman Research and Translation Co.Inc., Auckland, New Zealnd
  13. 2000 - Retired

Research Grants[edit]

  1. 1970-1982 USDA Grant to organize research team and conduct research on physiology and biochemistry of strawberry and apple(Research Institute of Pomology, Skierniewice, Poland)
  2. 1984-87 European Economic Community Grant to study physiology of Cajanus cajan - (research team organized at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad)
  3. 1988 Grant from German Scientific Association (DFG) to conduct research on photoclimate of CAM plants (at the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany).

Scientific Associations[edit]

  1. Since 1970 Member of the European Society of Nuclear Energy Application in Agriculture (ESNA), organizer of XI Working Group - Use of Isotopes in Plant Physiology;
  2. 1976-1984 Member of the Committee of the Federation of the European Societies of Plant Physiology (FESPP);
  3. 1979-1982 Chairman of Plant Biochemistry and Physiology Section of the Polish Botanical Society;
  4. 1980-1982 President of the Federation of European Societies of Plant Physiology (FESPP);
  5. Committee Member of the International Council on Plant Nutrition until 1988;
  6. Member of the Organizing Committee of the Caribbean Academy of Science (1986-1988);
  7. Member of the Commission of Nuclear Energy Application in Agriculture of the V Dept. of Polish Academy of Sciences;
  8. Two awards for research acievements of the biochemistry team at the Research Institute of Pomology, Skierniewice Poland

Member of ...[edit]

  1. International Society for Horticultural Science
    (co-organizer of the XIX Intern. Horticultural Congress, Warsaw, 1974 - Editor-in-chief of Congress Proceedings, 5 vols);[2]
  2. Polish Botanical Society (until 1982);
  3. Trinidad and Tobago Scientific Association – TTSA - (until 1988);
  4. American Society of Plant Physiologists (until 1989);
  5. Federation of European Societies of Plant Physiology;
  6. New Zealand Society of Plant Physiologists - (until 2004);
  7. New Zealand Society of Authors PEN New Zealand Inc.;
  8. The Auckland Polish Association;
  9. Co-founder of Polonia Cultural Foundation of New Zealand (2015)

Orders and Decorations[edit]

  1. The Silver Cross of Merit (Srebrny Krzyż Zasługi);
  2. Knight's Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta (Krzyż Kawalerski Orderu Polonia Restituta).

Published books & article[edit]

  1. Translated into Polish Red runs the Vistula ISBN 978-0908734009 ASIN: B0007BQDNU (1985) English historical book of Ron Jeffery - Nevron Associates Publ., Manurewa, Auckland;
  2. Novel "Kariera na trzy karpie morskie", Warszawa 2000; ISBN 83-7236-115-0
  3. Przyroda inaczej... czyli Ciekawostki; ISBN 83-87297-25-9
  4. Dziwy i dziwadła obyczajowe ... czyli Ciekawostki; ISBN 83-87297-27-5
  5. Historia inaczej ... czyli Ciekawostki - Kraków 2000; ISBN 83-87297-26-7
  6. Zbiór wiadomości niezwykłych, szokujących, mądrych, choć nie zawsze - Auckland 1995;
  7. Dziwy i dziwadła - Cinderella Books Warszawa 2001; ISBN 83-86245-97-2
  8. Few handbook for classes, University of the West Indies, 1985, 1986
  9. Article in: Analytica Chimica Acta - "A simple and rapid determination of small amounts of adenine The Analyst Volume: 85, Issue 1012, 1960 / 37, Issue 1, 1960 / 22, Issue C, 1960
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